Teach More English Online in Less Time

yadada is a video platform that helps ESL teachers to teach English asynchronously. We make it easy for teachers to assign video prompts, collect recordings, and give tangible feedback. Video prompts lessons increase the effectivity of your teaching, cuts the time spent on organizing, and gives both teachers and students great flexibility.

Why yadada

A simple way to assign video prompts

Video prompts are an excellent way to practice speaking and pronunciation. We make it easy to assign video prompts, collect recordings, and give effective feedback.

Provide effective feedback

With yadada Studio, you can provide timestamp-based feedback as text, audio, or video. Students can easily review the notes, comment, and easily track their language progress.

Teach more English online in less time

Save a significant amount of time with automatic transcription, a library of suitable prompts, and asynchronous communication.

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yadada team

We learned English, and we continued with language learning every since. Jan had been learning German online for the past 2 years, and Denis has a 2100+ streak on Duolingo. We enjoy working in this space to make it better for students and teachers.

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